3D Lawn Darts

Play the safe version of lawn darts! The classic game brings lawn darts from the backyard to your iPhone/iPod Touch! Take aim accounting for wind conditions (and low gravity on the moon) and fire! The special darts make this a whole new strategic game – use the magnetic dart to pull your darts in or the fire dart to burn darts around it… want a bigger impact – send the nuke dart! Be careful, you have a limited number of special darts.


– Move your finger back and forth to aim dart, then touch the middle of the screen to throw.
– Special darts include fire, laser, bomb, magnet, splitter and nuke darts!
– Play on the moon, in the backyard, in the forest, or in the ocean.
– Choose between 4 players – Ranger Rick, Elco the Octopus, Merv the Martian, and Sally Soccermom.
– Tournament mode.
– 3D trophy room.
– Also includes 3D Crown Darts game.

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