3D hanafuda koikoi

3D hanafuda koikoi

Hana Fuda Game is a Japanese card game Called “Hana” played with twelve suits of seasonal flowers.

enjoy this game with 3d graphics!

***Name of the Cards:
January suit cards: Matsu (Pine)
February suit cards: Ume (Plum)
March suit cards: Sakura (Cherry Blossom)
April suit cards: Fuji (Wisteria) or Kuromame (Black Beans
May suit cards: Ayame (Iris) or Kusa (Grass)
June stat cards: Botan (Peony)
July suit cards: Hagi (Clover) or Akamame (Red Beans)
August suit cards: Susuki (Pampus) or Bozu (Bald Head)
September suit cards: Kiku (Chrysanthemum)
October suit cards: Momiji (Maple) or Shika (Deer)
November suit cards: Yanagi (Willow) or Ame (Rain!)
December suit cards: Kiri (Paulownia) or Chicken

***koikoi point
Five Brights – 10 points
Four Brights – 8 points
Four Brights(including the rainman) – 7 points
Inoshikacho (three cards) – 5 points
Blue Tanzaku (three cards) – 5 points +a
Red Tanzaku (three cards) – 5 points +a
Any Five Tanzaku – 1 point
Any Five 10-point Cards – 1 point +a
Any Ten 1-point Cards – 1 point +a

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