3D Fun N' Goals

Do you like soccer and cutting edge technology? This unique 3D game might tick all the boxes. Score incredible goals with this high-tech game, which uses augmented reality, a state of the art technology. It combines the real world captured by the camera of your device with a 3D fantasy world.

After downloading, you will find the Stadium button in the Main Menu. It shows the STADIUM image and teaches how to take a screenshot of it in your device. There are many ways to use it:

1. Synching with iTunes:
1.a) The image can be displayed in any device you may have;
1.b) You can leave the image open in your PC monitor;
1.c) You can print it.​

2. Going to our website:
2.a) Enter Our Games –> 3D Fun n’ Goals – you will see the STADIUM;
2.b) You can leave the image open in your PC monitor;
2.c) You can print it.​

After choosing how to display the Stadium, just aim the camera at it and start playing.

Play for free until your ball falls apart. We guarantee a minimum of 200 kicks (100 in the Free Play mode and 100 in the Compete mode), but for the lucky ones, the ball can last up to 1000 kicks!
Lucky or not with the first ball, you can always buy one that will last you forever for only US$0,99.


1. Aim the camera of your device at the Stadium image. You will see a goal keeper moving, just waiting for your shot.
2. Keep the camera steady, always pointing at the Stadium. Move it around slowly until you have found a good angle.
3. To kick, just flick. Experiment with a small curve flick. You can create some wicked effects.
4. Sometimes the camera might lose focus. Keep it steady, pointing at the Stadium and wait for a few seconds, until the 3D image is clear again.

The camera will remain ON during the game, so keep an eye on your battery level.

If you have any doubts or comments, please contact us.

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