3D FreeThrow HD


Play this first person free-throw basketball game.
Freeplay for leaderboard score or just for pure fun.
You play as much as you want, no annoying timers, no rules, just you, the ball and the basket.
Just touch and drag to aim, turn on your iPod for music and have fun!

Game Tips:
* You don’t need to swipe! Just aim and untouch to throw.
* Very much like in real life, you don’t throw the ball from the middle of your view point. Consider your shoulder position when aiming for the best points.
* Your score will be submitted only when you click the “Stop” button.
* If you want to stop playing, but don’t want to re-start your score, you can just hit the “Pause” button and let the game running in background mode so you can keep growing your score latter on.
* Just make sure you don’t turn off your device or connection or another app do enforce your device to terminate the game while it runs in background due to memory usage.

Rick: “My brain finally grasped how to play this game. I was able to score 25,050 points this morning on my iPad 2.”

Joan: “It look so easy at the screenshots, but when you start it seems impossible! Until you understand how to play. Than it starts to be a very cool game!”

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