3D CubeMaster – Brain Jogging for children

Train the imaginative power of your child with ‘3D CubeMaster’!

‘3D CubeMaster': an educational app for the iPhone and iPad, designed by parents for parents, helps your child to concentrate on colors, structures and three dimensional constructions. In a simple but effective way ‘3D CubeMaster’ activates your child’s capacity to think in three dimensions, locate different colors.

‘3D CubeMaster’ generates random constructions of 3×3, 4×4, and 5×5 cubes of different colors, arranged on different layers. Additionally, it generates up to 6 different top views of the 3D object, where only one of those is the correct top view (free edition limited to 3 top views). Your child has to find the correct top view of the displayed 3D cube construction.

Beginning with constructions of 3×3 cubes, ‘3D CubeMaster’ can be played by children with an age of 5+, depending on the individual development. More challenging cube constructions of up to 5×5 cubes arranged on up to 5 layers, are perfect brain jogging for older children with a more developed capacity to think and see in three dimensions.

The free edition of ‘3D CubeMaster’ is limited to 3 possible solutions and to the 3×3 cube and the 4×4 cube games. To get access to 6 possible solutions and to the 5×5 cubes game, ‘3D CubeMaster’ can be upgraded through the iTunes InApp store.

This app is also suitable for people who ‘suffer’ from the Asperger Syndrom or another autistic ‘limitation’.

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