3D Coin Pusher





同時支援iPhone 3GS、iPhone4、iPhone4s、iPod Touch 4。


本公司遵守個資法明文規定事項 http://www.auer.com.tw/about.jsp?lang=zh-tw&id=4

Happy Chinese Year!
Beginnig Coins raise up 200% !
Let’s e7Play !

Coin pusher featured with slot machine!
Fun and exciting contraptions. Douse yourself in coins. Feel the thrill of victory!

Game features
– The coins aren’t just dropped; they are tossed toward the table. This requires finer control and luck.
– Impressive 3D effects and physics.
– Coin pusher and slot machine — two games in one, double the fun!
– Special surprises. Feel coins dropped galore.
– Contraptions: coin carousel, goose-stepping, angel gift, and chain of events.
– On occasion, pusher arm splits in three.
– Dozens of achievements waiting to be unlocked.
– In addition to prize for unlocked achievement, you get some special surprises.
– It’s much fairer than the real-life machines and it won’t break your bank.

How to play
– Touch the screen to launch the coin toward your desired postion.
– Slot machine is activated when a coin falls into the designated slot.
– Launch 5 coins in a row into the trench, and get special benefits.

Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone4, iPhone4s,iPod Touch 4. Requires iOS 4.1 or later.

本公司遵守個資法明文規定事項 http://www.auer.com.tw/about.jsp?lang=zh-tw&id=4


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