3D Car Parking

3D Car Racing game is simulate parking . You try to park your car where you must to park . Street is not regular street and you wont use the whell . For the mobile application i decided to accelerometor is the best experience for control the car.

Game is fully 3D and Unity3D is used for create game . Now this version is good . So game contains 7 levels . if you like game i will add more levels . You can mail me for help new levels.

You have 3 lives for complete each level . When you hit something your live will gone . You can increase your live with get live boxes .

Car is same for all levels . But car colors is changing . Also there is an another cars for level . But you can only control 1 car .

You can select level which you want . I didnt blocked levels because of level count .

Application uses Netmera for keep track of statistics. Netmera is cloud services for mobile applications . If you like game i will add scoreboard . This is version is good and your feedbacks is very important for me .

Developer : Metin Ögtem
mail : metinogtem@gmail.com

You can mail me anytime. I will return you ASAP .

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