3-Card Brigade Poker

A smart and addictive card game with rules you already know — now with multiplayer! ** Top 10 What’s Hot in Card Games! ** Top 100 game!

Form a line of 3-card poker hands placed one card at a time against your opponent. Dominate the field, or win just three adjacent hands to break through and win the battle!

The twist: if you can prove — based on the cards already played — that your opponent cannot beat your hand, you win that hand immediately. So pay close attention to the cards on the field: you can win a hand before your opponent even plays a card there.

Whoever wins the most hands wins the battle. If you win three adjacent hands, you “break through” and get an instant victory. The winner get all claimed chips plus any unclaimed chips. The first to collect 13 chips wins the campaign.

The deck is made up of six suits of cards numbered 1 to 10. Each hand is scored according to the rules of poker. All suits have equal value, and ties are won by the first to complete their three-card hand.

Absolutely guaranteed no-cheat AI. If in doubt, take another look at the cards on the field; you’ll probably find the card you needed is already played.

Inspired by Battleline and Schotten-Totten. This is a casual two-player card game that you play solitaire against the computer.


“like a knifefight in a phonebooth, but more fun!”

“You already know the rules — No learning curve”.

“quick to play, fun to master.”

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