2BME Aviator Lite

2BME Studios is proud to present 2BME Aviator Lite! An immersive 3D look into the life of an aviator, complete with bright colorful graphics, custom sound effects and more to keep your child engaged. 2BME Studios puts a unique twist on role playing, allowing your child's imagination to flourish focusing on both education and fun.

● Explore two interactive scenes which give your and your child a taste of how we bundle education and fun into one!
● A fully guided, interactive tutorial and innovative visual cues allow children to build confidence while learning to play independently.
● Enjoy a child friendly design with NO in-app purchases and NO advertisements.

2BME Studios intuitive design focuses on education and fun, while strengthening your child’s hand eye coordination, fine motor skills, cognitive and language development.

Developed in cooperation with teachers, parents, and aviators

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