2079 Tilt!

Description in a capsule – “Tilt to move, shake to blast, shoot to kill – 2079″


8/10 SILVER AWARD – “Simple and refined, 2079 is the ideal portable top-down shooter.” – PocketGamer.co.uk

4.5/5 – “Good graphics, innovative and great controls make this a fun game…” – 148apps.com

4/5 stars – “The controls are fantastic.” – iPhone Games Network

“Besides the nicely polished retro feel to the game, it succeeds in the implementation of a very iPhone-centric control system.” – toucharcade.com

4/5 stars – “I’ve found myself sneaking in a game of 2079 in spare moments because since downloading it and playing it just once, I love it.” – gotapps.com

“Other developers could learn a lot from this game’s smart approaches to controls.” – iLounge


How long can you survive? This is a perfect game for you if you like the adrenaline of raking up points while staying alive in this addictive game.

– Addictive survival mode with ramping difficulty
– Play your own MP3 in game!
– Intuitive controls customized for the iPhone
– Beautiful graphics and sound effects
– Background auto-calibration!
– Online leaderboard for bragging rights!
– OpenFeint enabled

Gameplay features:
– Fluid accelerometer controls will allow you to fly through the tightest threats
– Shake the iPhone in the last minute to launch a devastating blast that can save your life!
– A virtual controller specifically designed to allow you to control shooting direction independent of ship movement, thereby avoiding the pitfalls of having your fingers obscure the screen
– Powerups for extra lives help you move up the scoring rank and more!

Feedback and feature requests are always welcome.


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