2000s Trivia – Party Time Trivia

Trivia Questions on the 21st Century.

Do you know trivia from your lifetime? Want to know more, learn more interesting facts faster, quickly become the know-it-all who has all the answers.

This trivia app covers the events of 2000-2009. Two Thousand (2000) multiple choice questions covering the major happenings of the first decade of the 21st century.

A must for challenging the most trivia savvy players.

Find out what thousands of trivia fans know already of Party Time Trivia apps, its a simple fun app that makes it easy to play. You can jump right into the quiz action without complicated game rules or scoring to follow, just questions asked and answered. We don’t overwhelm you with fancy game playing tricks and gimmicks.
Jump in and test yourself to see if you were awake for the past 10 years, you just may learn something you can use in your next trivial conversation.

This version from the popular Party Time Trivia Game series (titles available on DVD) puts you in control of the action.
Plenty of questions you with hours of non stop fun, no repeats as you go through the database of questions, we remember where you left off!.

Are aware what has happened in the past 10 years?

Top Grossing Movies, Horror Films, Movie Stars, Celebrities, Gossip, Reality TV, Talk Shows, Music Television, TV Hits, TV Stars, Award Shows, Fashion, Pop Culture, Video Games, Rap/Hip Hop, Rock, Indie Rock, Country Music, Pop Music, Broadway, Teen Hits, Internet Boom, Scandals and more

Sports -Tennis – Golf – Olympics – Soccer – College Football – College Basketball – Athletes – Stadiums – Championships – Pro Football – Baseball – Basketball – Hockey – MVPs – Home Run Hitters – Hall of Famers – Ice Skaters – X Games-Wrestlers – Boxing and more

G.W. Bush – Wall Street – Business – Best Selling Books – Iraq – Apple – War on Terror – Green Technology – Science –
Computer Technology – Global Warming – Space Travel – Barack Obama – Al Gore – Hilary Clinton – Tony Blair – World Affairs and more..

How Party Time Trivia App plays:

By using the “Options” you can set the pace at which the 4-multiple choice
answers appear after the question and how fast the wrong answers disappear
leaving the correct answer. This control lets you pace the trivia so you can
run the trivia game the way you want to run it. You have three different
soundtracks to accompany the trivia or you can shut off the soundtrack
completely. By changing the Background option you can change up the look of
the game as well.

There are 2000 fun questions in this app . You will not see a repeat question until you have viewed all the content.

This gives you hours and hours of trivia. We even added the ability
to select the answer to see if you really knew the answer. Once you tap on
an answer, the app will remove all the wrong answers immediately, leaving
just the correct answer to see if you were right

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