2 Player Reactor

〖2-Player Reactor〗 is a head-to-head reflex game – simple, but always challenging. Think you have great reflexes? Find out by testing your skills against your friends – in both your mental speed and finger speed. Use a combination of concentration and reflexes – stay focused and move fast!

The two player challenge mode enables endless fun – keep sharpening your skills by challenging different opponents.
Get it now – challenge your friends!

In version 3.1, 4 skills are available at the very start. Questions of each pack can be select for custom play.
Tips: You can choose the skills in character’s page.

★ Unique Characters ★
Create your own character – let it serve as your in-game avatar.
★ Bonus Gadgets ★
Compete to unlock new levels and earn bonus gadgets to shock your opponent! Don’t forget you may be hit back by the opponent.
★ Various Skill Sets ★
Various question packs for children, youth, sport fans, etc. Get new packs from the store and play with anyone.
★Language Switch★
Language can be switched between English and Chinese in Settings.

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