2-move Checkmate

*** Optimized for the New iPad! ***
*** Full version is now 50% off! ***

2-move Checkmate is -the 3d chess game- for iPhone, iPod and iPad.

The main game (1 player) simulates the very end of a chess game again and again. Simply find how to force a Checkmate in 2 moves.

The 2 players mode allows to play a chess game with a friend on the same device, or on a second one, using Bluetooth.

The Gyroscope feature will allow you to truly feel the 3d world.

The environment can be customized in many aspects.

Free Version Features:
- 20 “2-move Checkmate” situations
- Bluetooth play against Full Version owners
- Online play against a friend or anyone owning Full Version
- Every 3d piece sets, boards and tables
- Switch between top and side view easily
- 2d to 3d piece sets toggle button
- Day and night backgrounds
- 2 players chess game
- Hint button
- Gyroscope (interactive environment)

Full Version Features:
- Get 10 000 “2-move Checkmate” situations
- Two players chess game using Bluetooth
- Online play using Game Center
- Enhanced hint button
- Ad-free

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