1st BASE

The first and only 3d, open world BASE Jumping game for iOS!

No Rules, no time, no limits. Run and around and jump off whatever you can get your toggles on in the first BASE Jumping Theme Park.

Find canopies to get to various exit points throughout the theme park. Run, jump and experience freefall from anywhere you can walk, jump or fly your canopy to.

* Open World, Sandbox BASE Jumping *
* Awesome Visuals *
* Multi-Camera Angles and Views of Your Jumps *
* Dynamic Joypad *
* Tap to Jump *
* Tap to Pull *
* Tap to Flare *
* Adrenaline Pumping, Action Packed Soundtrack *
* Fly a Seven Cell Canopy *
* Real Freefall Sound *
* Real Canopy Flight Sound *
* Best of All: You Don’t Have to Pack! *

Pull High and Fly or Smoke it Down for a Longer Delay.

Jump from a Fake Golden Gate Bridge or off of the hand of a statue, or jump down a huge hole in the ground.

It’s up to you.

Find your favorite exit and jump.

C ya!

Watch 1st BASE on YouTube:

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