Finally appeared fire RPG!
Confront the boss suddenly! Nobody small fish Chara!
The game attack depending on the roll number just to roll easily, 5 seconds!
Let’s aim for more than 16 fire visionary rate of fire per second was not surprising since they are measured!

Slot function deployment!
I get a coin that can turn the slot whenever you finish the battle.
Weapons enhanced with a certain probability by turning the slot with a coin!
To Super Stock mode of occurrence Navi order Press stunning rare bonus is Flush with!
Let’s strengthen the weapon by Stock steadily strengthening probability of weapon due to its high bonus now!
I may weapon is strengthened also usually combat.

Leveling goes up crunchy!
Level up in the battle of five times average!
You will earn this defeat the boss by raising the LV fast!

There is a selection screen of the player character first,
Rise luck but different for each character,
Choose your favorite character difference does not affect only about feelings.

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