15 Puzzle Pro

Think you’re good at the classic 15 Puzzle? What if the pieces wrapped around to the other side of the puzzle as you
dragged them? Or if they rotated (and then rotated their neighbors in the opposite direction)? Or if four of them spun around their corners? Or pairs were flipped and mirrored? Or even a combination of all of these

15 Puzzle Pro takes the old classic to new heights:
– Standard “slide into missing spot”
– Slide wraps the pieces around the edges
– Pieces rotate, spinning their neighbors
– Groups rotate around their shared corner
– Pairs flip and exchange across their sides
– Or combinations of these – over 100 different puzzle modes
– Puzzles as small as 4×4 or as large as 6×9
– Multiple numbered tile sets to choose from, abstract images, or use a photo from your photo library
– “Shake” to access options
– Persistent puzzle state so you don’t loose your progress if you quit

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