“Fourteen” is a playing cards game which make 14 with dealer’s card.

・Dealer and player each use one suite of 13 card.
(dealer → diamond, player → spade)

1.Bet chips.

2.Player draw 3 of 13 cards.

3.Dealer set 1 of 13 cards.

4.Player set 1 of 3 card.

5.If sum of player’s card and dealer’s is 14, then finish the game.

6.If not 14, player draw a new card and repeate 3~6.

When finish game at 1st or 10th cards, player get double of bet chips.
If 2nd ~ 9th, bet chips will return.
If 10th cards is not 14, player lose the bet chips.
So you should make 14 at first or last(10th) card if you want to increase your chip.

Try to make chips highest in Game Center!

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