123 Puzzle Z

123 Puzzle Z

The Math Puzzle – Zwittle

Zwittle is a math puzzle where you need to align and combine all numbers in each row and column so you meet the total sum/product (in red) in the end of each row and column.

The first 5 levels, each number needs to be added som you meet the total sum in the end of each row and column. Next 10 levels (level 5-15) you need to multiply each number to meet the total product in the end of each row and column. Level 6-10 have been modifies to be easier based on that only digits 1,2, and 3 are used as factors and included in the product. Level 11-15 have full difficulty.
From level 16 up to level 30, its the same with the additional change that everyting should be calculated in hexadecimal number representation.

Level 11-20 and Level 21-30 can be additional purchased.

The game is connected to GameCenter Leaderboard, where the best players are ranked based on their total points achieved in Career mode.

The shorter time, and fewer rotations you use, the higher score you get. Score is calculated based on time used multplied with the number of rotations, plus some bonus points for level solved.

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