When the last time do you laugh to tears? Now, the famous game "ALIAS," is available in your phone. If you want to get a lot of positive emotions, you need one iphone and good company of 4 people.

«ALIAS» is a widely popular verbal game. You have to think up an explanations, synonyms, and associations for a variety of words. This is a cooperative game with an unlimited number of players.

«ALIAS» is good for developing of vocabulary and communication skills. You will expand your vocabulary and learn how to quickly find the right words to explain what you mean – is the basic conditions for successful communication.

The main target, in «ALIAS», is to quickly guess the words that appear on the screen. (the game include 2300 words). Detailed rules of the game you will find inside the application.

The application offers the amusing way to improve your foreign language knowledge, if the players agree to conduct the game on this language.

Play. Communicate. Enjoy.

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