100 Zombies

Play the new Room Escape game 100 Zombies. New and graphically awesome levels. If you like room escape games like 100 Doors or 100 Floors Doors, then you will love 100 Zombies -> More Info: http://touchportal.de/apps/100-zombies-das-neue-room-escape-app-fuer-android/

Bug in level 21: If you shoot up all 6 zombies, just shoot again or deactivate the pistol, then the timer will be deactivated!

Features of 100 Zombies:
↗ Great graphic reaction with various Doors and Rooms
↗ Great Room Escape sound with numerous gimmicks
↗ So far 55 levels – More levels coming soon
↗ A simple tutorial at the beginning
↗ Simple, as well as difficult Room Escape level with puzzle, math, and more

How to Play

100 Zombies is a room escape game. Accordingly, you need to escape, as in other games, also pick up and use objects in this app, shake your phone and solve other tasks. 100 Zombies is indeed similar to 100 Rooms, 100 Doors, 100 Floors Escape Room Escape and other apps, but has its own charm.

↗ Open every door to get to the next level
↗ Some time level, where it depends on speed
↗ To solve drag, tap, shake to escape

If you get stuck, there are numerous solutions to 100 zombies:
↗ https://www.facebook.com/pages/100-Zombies/317367091723093
↗ freeappgg.com

Enjoy 100 zombies – And if you like the game, please rate our room escape game.

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