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0.03 seconds Pro is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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0.03 Seconds Pro Review

If you’ve ever tried to convince your parents that playing video games is actually good for you because it enhances your hand-eye coordination, then 0.03 Seconds Pro will let you put your money where your mouth is. This is a game that’s all about reacting, and the faster the better.

What you get in 0.03 Seconds Pro are 24 micro-games designed to test your thinking and quickness, a la Wario Ware or Brain Age. Some of these games require math, while others test image recognition or repetitive screen tapping. All require speed.

Guilty or innocent?

For instance, the first micro-game has you tap a red circle the moment it turns green. The time between when it turns green and when you tap it is measured, brutally, in milliseconds. Hesitate for even an instant, and you’ll see the fail screen. Helpfully, you can try each of these games as many times as you’d like to trim down your recorded time. Your quickness in beating each level is awarded with one to five stars. If your reflexes are sufficiently cat-like, you can persist until you attain 120 stars on each of the three difficulty levels.

The best of the micro-games feel rewarding when your fingers and brain work in lightning-fast synchronization. The worst give you severe anxiety while you wait, fingers twitching and heart pounding, for something to happen onscreen.

Fruit ninjutsu.

The game feels very polished and is instantly responsive, which is great, but we wish more content was included. You can breeze through all 24 on Easy in just a matter of minutes. Beating all of those unlocks the Normal difficulty, which is certainly tougher, but since you’re familiar with all of the games it doesn’t take too long either.

All of which is to say that 0.03 Seconds Pro provides a quick thrill that may or may not tell you something about how your brain works. Just don’t expect it to last.