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The House of da Vinci

[Sponsor] The House of Da Vinci on mobile lets you solve puzzles based on Da Vinci’s own designs

We’d like to thank our sponsor for this week, The House of Da Vinci by Blue Brain Games. There’s a reason Leonardo Da Vinci is the only renaissance figure who routinely shows up in video games you know. With his remarkable inventiveness and genius for creative problem-solving, Da Vinci was a gamer through and through. He was just born 500 hundred years too soon. Thankfully, there are studios like Blue Brain Games to bring him to life in videogame form. The House of Da Vinci, which comes to us courtesy of a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign, is a puzzler that seeks to channel the artistry and innovation of its title character.
You play as one of Da Vinci’s more promising apprentices, and you have the challenging task of trying to work out where the hell he’s gone. Was he assassinated by the church? Who knows. Has he quietly gone into a retirement? Perhaps. Did he accidentally invent a shrink ray and shrink himself down to the size of an dustmite? Probably not. Da Vinci’s workshop looks beautiful, thanks to some impressive 3D graphics, and the in-game environment is crammed with all the elaborate machines and crazy inventions you’d expect to find in the workplace of a renaissance genius.

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Universal Rating: 9+

The House of da Vinci is a game from Blue Brain Games, originally released 22nd June, 2017 for iOS

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Poly Bridge

Poly Bridge, the best bridge builder is out, but incomplete on mobile (so far)

Poly Bridge is out now on iOS, and it’s good to have it! It’s a great game and many seem to agree that it’s the best bridge builder game available. But the iOS versions, so far, is missing the sandbox mode. I would hope that it’s coming soon in an update. If you are all interested in physics puzzlers, grab this one. (Note: the video is for the PC version, I have yet to see a trailer for the mobile version, the developer Dry Cactus isn’t that great at marketing…)

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Physics Puzzler, Puzzle

Universal Rating: 4+

Poly Bridge is a game from Dry Cactus, originally released 13th June, 2017 for iOS

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Amped up more of the what I loved in the prequel Framed 2

Framed 2 is numbered as a sequel, yet it’s noted as a prequel. Controversy! Framed 2 is really just more of what we loved in the original — something we’ve been getting a lot of lately. Framed 2 continues to rearrange the comic tiles to change the story and progress super unique gameplay. Overall it’s safe, good, and amped up a bit from Framed. Everything seems smoother, more active, more real. Very well done puzzle game.

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Puzzle, Story Based

Universal Rating: 12+

FRAMED 2 is a game from Loveshack, originally released 13th June, 2017 for iOS

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Flipping Legend

Flipping Legend is a flipping great mobile game.

Flipping Legend is out now and it’s a simple and hard puzzle game from Hiding Spot Games and Noodlecake Studios. In this game the player can go left or right diagonally in a three wide checkerboard. Avoid spikes and collect coins along the way. There are a couple special moves to get out of a jam, but in general it’s a difficult game to get very far unless looking way ahead to plan out the moves. My only gripe with this game is that it’s not played in portrait mode as a quick twitch game like this would be perfect for a quick game while waiting in line.

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Universal Rating: 9+

Flipping Legend is a game from Noodlecake Studios Inc, originally released 14th June, 2017 for iOS

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Art Of Gravity

New physics puzzler Art of Gravity will stump you

Art of Gravity is a fun simulation of throwing balls at exploding boxes wrapped up in a whole bunch of puzzles. A few simple mechanics start off the game which gets harder and harder with the addition of new mechanics as the game progresses. Overall it’s a fun puzzle game with unique graphics and gameplay that is just the right amount of tough.

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Physics Puzzler

Universal Rating: 4+

Art Of Gravity is a game from Michal Pawlowski, originally released 13th June, 2017 for iOS

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Dead Age

Permadeath turn-based strategy game Dead Age launched

Headup Games has released Dead Age, a lightweight zombie RPG for mobile. And who doesn’t love fighting zombies? It’s a lightweight RPG, but has all of the good stuff without getting too bogged down. If you are a fan the the genre, give it a shot.

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Strategy, Turn Based, Zombies

Universal Rating: 17+

Dead Age is a game from Headup Games GmbH & Co KG, originally released 7th June, 2017 for iOS

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Monument Valley 2

Follow-up Monument Valley 2 brings more to love and more to cry about

Monument Valley 2 has dropped this week. It’s an amazing follow-up to the original that moves the story along and includes familiar but very unique and original puzzles to the original.

As the icon may indicate, this Monument Valley game is about generations and the passage of time. The story shows generations passing down knowledge from one to another and celebrated generations past. But if you just like 3D M.C. Escher type puzzles, you can skip the story. There’s nothing I can say about this game that emphasizes enough that every person that has access to it should dedicate time to play it. It’s beautiful, wonderful, heartfelt, and a cornerstone in mobile gaming.

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Universal Rating: 4+

Monument Valley 2 is a game from ustwo Games Ltd, originally released 30th May, 2017 for iOS

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Seven Islands

[Sponsor] Defeat the cardinal sins in Seven Islands, a challenging endless runner out now on iOS

We’d like to thank our sponsor for this week, Seven Islands from LionStar Studios. Seven Islands is a brand new endless runner that’s anything but generic. It tasks you with traversing, you guessed it, seven islands that are each themed on one of the seven cardinal sins.

There’s a unique challenge to overcome based on the sin each island is associated with, but don’t worry – you won’t be going in blind. You’re given a clue at the start of each level to help prepare you for the new challenges ahead.

And you’ll need all the help you can get, as the difficulty quickly ramps up. This isn’t your traditional casual endless runner. It’s level-based, and it’s far from easy.

It plays like a traditional endless runner though. You’ll swipe right and left to dodge obstacles, jump over stuff, and collect a bunch of helpful items like stones, coins, treasure, and diamonds.

Seven Islands, seven deadly sins (more…)

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Universal Rating: 9+

Seven Islands is a game from LionStar Studios Inc., originally released 3rd June, 2017 for iOS

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