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Dragon Blaze Coming Next Month

Mobile action RPG Dragon Blaze is already a smash hit in Japan, and it’s getting an English release courtesy of Gamevil. The localization is due to hit mobile sometime next month. Meanwhile, you can pre-register for some useful items.

Dragon Blaze is a side scrolling role playing game where players lead a team of heroes in battle, joining other players’ characters. The game also features special abilities and items which are rather helpful in battle.

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Out Now

Out Now: The Quest Keeper

The Quest Keeper is an interesting mix between an RPG and the hit arcade-style hopper, Crossy Road. Only instead of surviving against cars and trains, you need to test your  mettle against spiders and knife-traps.

The Quest Keeper is free to download on the App Store and Google Play.


Crossy Road Gets “UK & Ireland” Update

Blimey! The UK & Ireland update for Crossy Road is ready to go. Now you can try your luck at randomly drawing one of several new characters from the Grey Lands of Drizzle, including a Royal guard, a chimneysweep, and some fish n chips (yes, you read that right). Of course, you can also buy the newcomers for $0.99 USD each.

There’s another notable character in the update: The Dress. You know. The Dress. The one that’s white and gold. Er, blue and black.

The update is already on the App Store, though it’s not yet on Google Play.

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Fast & Furious Legacy Tips, Cheats, and Strategy

If you’re playing the Kabam game Fast & Furious Legacy, you might be interested in getting a little help from someone who’s been there and done that. Gamezebo has been there and done that, and is here to help. Check out their tips and strategies here.

The three different kinds of racing take slightly different skills. The simplest is drag racing, which is all about timing. The trick to getting a great start is revving the engine until the needle is in the launch zone, then tapping the ‘Launch’ button just when the countdown is complete. After launch, all you need to do is tap to shift right before the RPM needle hits the red for best results. Don’t forget to tap the nitrous for an extra boost of speed if needed.

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