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Oceanhouse Media Hosts Big Sale of Dr. Seuss Apps Until March 9

Do you like green eggs and ham? Do you know someone who does? Oceanhouse Media has dropped the price of its Dr. Seuss app / story library in honor of the legendary author’s birthday. You can get up to 80% off well-loved classics like The Lorax, Green Eggs and Ham, and, of course, The Cat in the Hat. The sale is on until March 9.

As one would expect, the glory of the original Seuss art work is included within each of these books. They also use a technique of panning and zooming across illustrations to draw the eye and to create a subtle cinematic effect that readers will appreciate. There’s an opportunity to follow along highlighted text or simply to read these books to oneself, as well as the chance to record one’s own narration as an option – a nice touch.


Get Free Stuff in ‘Terra Battle’

You like free stuff, right? The creator of Terra Battle (and a little-known series called Final Fantasy) is being honored this week with a lifetime achievement award at the Game Developers Conference. In celebration, his company Mistwalker is giving away free stuff in Terra Battle. To get it, just download the game, and follow the instructions below.

In celebration of Sakaguchi-san’s Lifetime Achievement Award, Mistwalker will be distributing a special gift codes for all Terra Battle players. By going to Options > Enter Gift Code to enter the code, players will receive 5 energy and two high quality items – 2 Animaton and 10 Serenity Shoots. Players will have until March 12 to redeem the code and can only use it once. The gift code is: cyrkrnHAjfmjYDYf

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‘RAD Boarding’ Reviewed by Pocket Gamer: Playing it Safe

Pocket Gamer has taken a look at RAD Boarding, a Tiny Wings-like snowboarding game that plays it just a little too safe. But really, its biggest problem is a similar (but better) game recently came out: Alto’s Adventure.

RAD Boarding is a solid snowboarding game that you’ll most likely play with a smile on your face, but it’s lacking that special something that would have made it essential.