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How the Apple Watch Might Change iOS

148Apps has some interesting speculation about how the impending release of the Apple Watch might change iOS as we know it. For starters, we could see a shift where the Apple Watch is used for “serious” tasks like messaging and email, while the iPhone becomes more of an exclusive gaming device.

Since so many people will be sporting the iPhone/Apple Watch combo, we’ll definitely have more cross-functionality options. Sharing information like work files, images, contact info, and so on will be almost disturbingly quick and easy since you’ll be able to use your Apple Watch to transfer whatever you need from your iCloud or Dropbox to a friend’s or coworker’s.

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Rules! is Ready for the Apple Watch

Frantic Memory-style game Rules! is coming to the Apple Watch. In fact, the game’s 3.0 update made it compatible with the device, and it’ll be playable when the Apple Watch is ready to go. Understandably, some modifications had to be made in order for the game to work with the Apple Watch’s tiny touch screen.

Now, before we get too excited, realize that the version on your watch won’t be the same thing you get on your phone or iPad. The wrist version will feature short brain teasing puzzles that you can play to achieve a daily goal which will unlock new options within the game. It’s like Runkeeper for your brain.

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Stickman Rush Review: A Crossy Road-like

If you like Crossy Road and would like some more games like Crossy Road, check out Stickman Rush, a game that’s a lot like Crossy Road. But despite the similarities, it still manages to provide some charms of its own. And it’s free. Check out Pocket Gamer’s 6 out of 10 review.

You swipe up and down to change lanes, and swiping to the right lets you perform a little hop into the air. You can’t jump over cars, but you can jump over other obstacles like bins, logs, and roadworks.

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Star Wars Rebels: Recon Missions Review – Stellar

Star Wars Rebels: Recon Missions is a platformer based on the Star Wars Rebels animated TV show. And, according to Touch Arcade’s 5 out of 5 review of the game, it’s top-tier stuff.

I originally intended to devote about an hour to Star Wars Rebels: Recon Missions to try the game out but ended up playing it right through with only a few levels to go. It’s such an amazing game, one of the best platformers I’ve played.

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