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Fast & Furious Legacy Tips, Cheats, and Strategy

If you’re playing the Kabam game Fast & Furious Legacy, you might be interested in getting a little help from someone who’s been there and done that. Gamezebo has been there and done that, and is here to help. Check out their tips and strategies here.

The three different kinds of racing take slightly different skills. The simplest is drag racing, which is all about timing. The trick to getting a great start is revving the engine until the needle is in the launch zone, then tapping the ‘Launch’ button just when the countdown is complete. After launch, all you need to do is tap to shift right before the RPM needle hits the red for best results. Don’t forget to tap the nitrous for an extra boost of speed if needed.

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Escape from the Pyramid Review: Fantastic Auto-Running

Looks like the game of ancient Egyptian auto-running is actually really good! 148Apps has reviewed it and awarded it 4.5 out of 5 stars. Read the full review here.

It takes a special combination of mechanics and design to make a platformer feel intuitive, challenging, and fast, but also rewarding.Escape from the Pyramid- for the most part – achieves this. There are few games like it that can make a perfect run on a level feel so gratifying.Escape from the Pyramidis a fantastic game because of its great sense of style, speed, control, and challenge.

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Lonnie Plays Fast & Furious: Legacy

Are you prepared for the mega action movie Furious 7, releasing on April 2? Of course you’re not. You can’t possibly be. But Fast & Furious 7 has launched on iOS and YouTuber Lonnie is on the case. Watch him get a load of this game and talk about it (without taking a breath).

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Hearthstone May Come to iPhone April 9

This is far from confirmed, but some sleuthing data-miners have looked into the nitty gritty of the Hearthstone iPad app and found some clues that point toward the game going universal on April 9. Or April 2. We’ll see. You can read the details at Touch Arcade here.

Now, before you go accusing us of reading internet tea leaves here, consider this-Goblins vs Gnomes was data mined in the same way which revealed the Android version of Hearthstone. Goblins vs Gnomes launched a few days later on December 8th, then the Android version of Hearthstone was released a week later on the 15th.

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