Gameprom Releases Da Vinci Pinball Video

As much as we love discovering new types of games, there’s a soft spot in our hearts for the classics, too. Gameprom is known as the App Store’s best pinball developer, with nearly every one of their previous games earning Must Have status. Check out this recent walkthrough video for their upcoming pinball game, Da Vinci Pinball.

The Da Vinci Pinball walkthrough begins at the 1 minute mark.

Da Vinci Pinball looks like it will mimic the look and feel of a Renaissance-era workshop, with several of Da Vinci’s more famous inventions standing alongside ramps and bumpers. For example, we spied his famous helicopter and catapult designs on the board.

If you need a Gameprom refresher, check out our 4/4 reviews of War Pinball, Jungle Style Pinball, and Pinball HD, an iPad compilation. You can also watch a short preview video for Da Vinci Pinball below.

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