Gameloft’s Tablet and Smartphone Sales Grow 59% Year-over-Year

Gameloft has released its financial earnings report for the first quarter of 2012, and the game company is growing like springtime. Its success with the tablet and smartphone market is especially fruitful, boasting a 59% growth year-over-year. Gameloft has caught some flak from the core gaming community for its recent push towards freemium content, but there’s no denying that Gameloft is making good scratch by catering to the more casual market.

The numbers also provide a breakdown of the company’s biggest markets. 44% of Gameloft’s Q1 sales were conducted through the Asia-Pacific region and Latin America. North America made up 30% of sales, and the Europe, Middle East, and Africa mopped up the rest of the figures at 25%.

Gameloft has 45 million monthly active users (MAU), and half of its smartphone revenue comes from advertising and in-app purchases. The developer intends to maintain momentum by accelerating its product launches for the remainder of 2012, but it’s not like anyone expects the higher-ups to recline and say, ‘Nah, we’re just gonna chillax for the rest of the year. Pizza party!’

Again, not everyone is happy about Gameloft’s success in the casual marketplace (Dungeon Hunter 3 was released as casual freemium fare last year), but if you feel that way, cheer up: N.O.V.A. 3 is coming out later this month, and from this angle, it looks like Gameloft’s olive branch to its core fanbase. Besides, the recently-released Shark Dash demonstrates that Gameloft is very capable of developing enjoyable casual games. Arguably, it’s these big sellers that let the company spend a little extra to make high-quality hardcore games for tablets and smartphones.

Though we definitely recommend against Gameloft (or any developer) turning any more established core franchises into casual freemium farms.


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