Gameloft Takes on Red Dead Redemption in Six-Guns

Gameloft has just released a trailer for an upcoming game called Six-Guns, a supernatural, Western-themed shooter that appears to cop heavily from Red Dead Redemption. In fact, we’re pretty sure some of the environments shown in the trailer are almost exact duplicates of those found in Rockstar’s game. Watch the trailer below.

Red Dead Redemption fans may have played the Undead Nightmare DLC that brought zombies and beasties of all sorts into the mix. Judging by the werewolves and other creatures shown in the trailer below, that seems to have been a source of inspiration for the developers of Six-Guns as well. Six-Guns is coming to the App Store sometime this fall.

Cool-looking shooter? Shameless rip-off? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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