Gameloft Releases Trailer for Unreal Game

The upcoming title that Gameloft hinted at last week has gotten a teaser trailer. The game is called Wild Blood, and it’s Gameloft’s first game made with the Unreal Engine 3. Watch the trailer below.

The trailer shows some environments, a man– presumably the hero– wielding a gigantic sword, and a group of enemies rising up out of the ground to take him on. To our eye it looks like a fairly typical Gameloft game, with no obvious graphical improvements provided by the Unreal Engine. The camera circles around a large enemy that calls to mind the titans in Infinity Blade, but that’s probably just a hat tip to the makers of the Unreal Engine.

Gameloft tells us that Wild Blood is an “action/ adventure game set in a new original IP based on a well-known character from history.” Who could it be? Take a look for yourself and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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