Gameloft Releases Trailer for Eternal Legacy

Hot on the heels of their announcement of Shadow Guardian, Gameloft has just released a trailer for an upcoming Eastern-style RPG called Eternal Legacy. And, just as Shadow Guardian appears to pull heavy inspiration from Uncharted, Eternal Legacy looks like it drinks from the same creative well as the Final Fantasy series.

In fact, the Eternal Legacy trailer below almost looks like it could have been made by Square Enix to accompany their excellent iOS RPG Chaos Rings. Whether you applaud or deride Gameloft for making games that mimic popular series on other platforms, it seems to be working: They’re not slowing down one bit.

Check out the trailer below in all its futuristic fantasy glory. No more details have been released, but judging by the company’s history, the Eternal Legacy will likely be out within a month or two.

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