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Gameloft Explosion: UNO, CSI: Miami, TV Show King!

Remember how Gameloft said it was stoked on the App Store? It wasn’t kidding. Of the big mobile games publishers, Gameloft has been the most active on the iPhone by a mile. By way of comparison, EA Mobile, Real Networks and Namco each have four games up so far (not counting Lite versions), and Glu has only the lonely Space Monkey to its name. Gameloft has… uh… 17. Yow. And that’s up from 14 over the past week or two!

Publishers that release three games in a week deserve their own preview feature, in our book. Below, we lay out the goods on the new Gameloft titles, which we are also in the process of reviewing. A quick aside: Gameloft doesn’t seem to be afraid of pricing its games above market standard in the slightest.

CSI: Miami

We can’t get enough David Caruso, so we’re more than pleased that he’s starring his own iPhone game; now we can pocket him and take him wherever we go. This game’s scenarios were written in conjunction with CSI: Miami’s creator, so it’s likely to strike a very similar tone to the hit show. It also features voice acting from the cast, 10 forensic science minigames, and unlockable bonus video content. The current price is $7.99.


Primary colors, low integers, wild cards… the iPhone version of UNO is essentially how we remember it from family get-togethers in days of yore. You can even “customize” the game with nine special rules, just like we used to when our relatives were momentarily distracted. The real bonus feature here is online and WiFi multiplayer, however. $7.99 to play.

TV Show King Online

Trivia games make up a busy niche on the App Store, and it just got a whole lot busier. TV Show King Online contains 3000 questions from academic and popular categories; it also has customizable avatars and competitive online play. $4.99 is the price.

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