Gameloft Cancels March of Heroes

Today Gameloft posted on their Facebook page that they’re canceling March of Heroes, a first-person shooter they announced back in June. March of Heroes was notable primarily for being the first of four planned titles Gameloft was making with the Unreal Engine.

Here’s the full text of the announcement:

Hi everyone, we know we have a big community of FPS fans here… so we are very sorry to announce that we will not be releasing March of Heroes.

Our developers will be focusing on developing various awesome games in the months to come and working on making them even better. Fans of March of Heroes should definitely look forward to the powerful Modern Combat 3. We are however, not cancelling our work on the Unreal Engine! We are expecting to release these games starting 2012.

So that’s that. It’ll be interesting to see what Gameloft ends up doing with the Unreal Engine. As you can see in the March of Heroes trailer below, the game looked almost identical to the rest of their FPSes (read our hands-on preview for more details). And in case you want a peek at the non-Unreal-powered Modern Combat 3, which will be coming out this fall, check out the trailer here.

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