GameFly to Fund Android and iOS Game Development

GameFly, known for its game-rental-service, is getting into mobile-game development. During the April 6th edition of the Weekend Confirmed podcast, editorial director Garnett Lee said, “We’re going to be doing some pub-funding,” and the that company was looking to, “help good games get made.”

GameFly has been tremendously successful with renting game discs. As the sun sets on physical media, the company is looking for new ways to make money. Funding mobile games is an interesting and potentially lucrative choice. Many experts believe that game discs as we know them will be gone within a decade. The future of physical media is bleak, while the future of mobile games is bright.

If you’re an Android or iOS developer that’s looking for funding, Lee would like you to drop him a line at My personal suggestion is to get a pitch meeting over drinks. Dude can’t hold his liquor. Easy money.

[Via: Weekend Confirmed]

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