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GameFinder Goes Universal

It’s been a long time in the making, but we are very pleased to announce that our GameFinder has just been updated to make it a universal app. Fans have been requesting this feature for a long time, so be sure to download GameFinder on your iPads and iPad Minis right now by clicking here.

As always, GameFinder by Slide To Play is 100% free to use, and it’s a great, quick way to see all of Slide To Play’s reviews in one place. We even have regularly updated lists that highlight game sales and show which titles our staff members are currently playing. What are you waiting for? Download the GameFinder now!

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GameFinder 1.2 Released!

After a… rather substantial delay, we are very pleased to announce the new version of our fabulous free app, GameFinder! Feature list after the break!

*Enhanced iOS 5 compatibility! Multitasking no longer an issue.

*Push notifications for new reviews! Set a score threshold to be notified when awesome new games appear.

*Retina display support! Sharper graphics so you can see the best games on the App Store in all of their glory.

*Improved stability! No more crashes and hangs, just pure GameFinding goodness.

*Facebook posting! Tell your friends which games you’re loving, right from the app.

It’s still 100% free to use, so hop on over to the App Store and download it now! And if you tell your friends and write us some good reviews too, we’ll be your best friend.

New GameFinder List: Short But Sweet

We’ve recently updated our GameFinder app with a new list, based on your suggestions. It’s called Short But Sweet, and it includes games that may not last long, but they’re fun the whole way through.

Some of your suggestions, which we requested in a Tuesday Twitter Giveaway a few weeks ago, include Fruit Ninja, Pro Zombie Soccer, and Pix’n Love Rush. All of these are great for a few minutes at a time, but somehow nail that desire for quick, quality entertainment.

If you have suggestions for an upcoming GameFinder list, let us know in the comments or hit us up on Twitter.

Slide To Play Introduces GameFinder iPhone App

After writing nearly 800 iPhone app reviews, today Slide To Play joins the world of iPhone developers with our very own app for finding the best iPhone and iPod Touch games. We are proud to introduce GameFinder.

GameFinder is a free app that lets you view all recent Slide To Play reviews and videos for the games we cover. You’ll also get exclusive lists like Best Zombies Games and 99-Cent Games, with buy links for all games.

GameFinder also breaks down the world of iPhone gaming into specific categories, so you can see our coverage of twin-stick shooters or football games. Plus, you can visit a full mobile version of Slide To Play from within the app itself. To download the app, just visit

Thanks to all of our readers for helping Slide To Play become one of the best resources for iPhone and iPod Touch gaming news, reviews, and videos. This app is for you.

Here’s our full press release, followed by a video of the app in action.

Slide To Play Releases GameFinder iPhone App

GameFinder allows iPhone and iPod Touch gamers to discover the best games in the iTunes App Store

San Francisco, CA – Slide To Play (, a leading Web site covering games for Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch, has released GameFinder (, a free app now available on the App Store. Due to the overwhelming success of the iPhone and iPod Touch, there are more than 150,000 apps in the App Store, of which more than 30,000 are games. GameFinder is designed to help iPhone and iPod Touch owners find their new favorite games in a variety of ways.

With GameFinder, gamers can check out games that were recently reviewed on, explore games by genre, or browse through exclusively programmed lists, such as STP Games of the Month, zombie-themed games, or great games under a dollar. GameFinder also treats gamers to price discount tracking, as well as a robust set of multimedia features. They can view screenshots for each game with GameFinder’s image browser, watch the latest game trailers, and see hands-on preview and review videos for the biggest releases.

“GameFinder is a ‘Must Have’ app for anyone who is serious about finding good iPhone games quickly and at the lowest prices,” said Andrew Podolsky, Editor in Chief of Slide To Play. “This app takes the wealth of available information about App Store games and breaks it down into easy-to-use categories like New Slide To Play Reviews, New Slide To Play Videos, Editors’ Lists, and specific genres like Match-3 puzzles or dual-stick shooters. Plus, a full mobile version of Slide To Play with all our latest news, previews, and features is just a tap away through GameFinder.”

“After publishing nearly 800 iPhone game reviews over the past 18 months, we’re thrilled to release our own App Store offering,” said Steve Palley, Founder and General Manager of Slide To Play. “GameFinder boils down all of Slide To Play’s highly regarded coverage into an easy-to-use, perfectly free app. Whether you’re a new iPhone or iTouch gamer or you have been playing as long as we have, GameFinder will help you pick out games you’re sure to love.”

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Slide To Play is a premiere Web source for iPhone game reviews, previews, news, features, and media. The site was founded by veterans of GameSpot and Yahoo! in September 2008, and aims to set the gold standard for professionalism and quality of content in this emerging space.

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