Game of the Month, September 2011: Where’s My Water?

It was hard to pick just one winner, since September 2011 has been one of the best months for iOS gaming since the launch of the App Store. But after playing through the month’s Must Have games, one stood out above the rest: Disney’s incredible physics puzzler, Where’s My Water?

In Where’s My Water, you have to help an alligator take a shower by drawing a path for his water to flow. In the sewers where he lives, there are lots of obstacles that will get in your way, like piles of dirt, poisonous chemicals, and out-of-control grass that grows when water touches it. You can try to race through the levels, or take your time to get three rubber duckies on each– a challenge that brings to mind some of the best iOS puzzlers, like Cut The Rope.

Our runner-up for Game of the Month is Monsters Ate My Condo, a fast-paced matching game from Adult Swim. Spoofing Japanese monster disaster movies, in this game you have to swipe to knock out levels of a toppling condo, feeding each floor to a giant monster on either side. Not only is this game amazing to look at and listen to, but the gameplay mechanics are so fun that you’ll be fighting for a high score.

Congratulations to Disney and Adult Swim for creating two of the most amazing iOS games this month! There are lots of other great games for September, too, so check out yesterday’s recap for our recommendations, and check the reader comments for even more suggestions.

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