Game of the Month, September 2009: Dungeon Hunter

Well, looks like Gameloft pulled it off again. Last month we were blown away by the epic open-world crime game Gangstar and this month we fell for the Diablo-esque isometric action RPG Dungeon Hunter.

September was another great month for gaming, with Hybrid: Eternal Whisper, iBlast Moki, and Gameloft’s other stylish clone Modern Combat: Sandstorm all greatly impressing us. However, Dungeon Hunter stood out in the end. Not even a glitch (now fixed) that broke the game in its initial release could diminsh our enjoyment of this game. As Assistant Editor Tim Rattray explains:

“Dungeon Hunter is a Diablo clone that is stronger than most original efforts on the App Store. Beyond the detailed graphics and smooth controls is a deep hack-and-slash RPG with talent trees, upgradable stats, and random loot drops. Three available classes (Warrior, Mage, and Rogue) add extended replay value to an already lengthy title. Also, Gameloft took the time to balance levels so that grinding is not necessary. Overall, Dungeon Hunter stands out as the best effort by Gameloft to date.”

Tim’s review of Dungeon Hunter will be on the site soon, but we felt it was important to recognize Dungeon Hunter even as we put the finishing touches on our review. (Update: read the review here)

Our runner-up for Game of the Month is also a clone, but a very good one. Meteor Blitz contains some of the best two-stick shooter action on the iPhone, with tight controls that let you pull off precise maneuvers and rock-busting boosts.

Little touches, like the way the game pauses automatically when you take your fingers off the screen, and the way your high score ranking updates in real time as you play, make this an absolute Must Have game.

Congratulations to Gameloft and Alley Labs for their excellent games. What will next month bring?

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