Game of the Month, October 2013: Device 6

October was another fine month for iOS gamers, with a number of notable titles coming out across a variety of genres. So whether you wanted to kill gorgeously rendered zombies or drive a race car, the App Store had you covered. But there can be only one Game of the Month, and this month it’s Device 6.

Device 6 is a title that could have come from no other developer than Simogo. It’s part novella, part puzzle, and part funky mind trip. It’s a game that plays you as you play it, and although it’s short, the pace and the puzzles pull you along, making you want to tug at every loose thread you come upon.

The game is told through mostly text, but even the way the text is laid out on the page helps illustrate what’s going on in the mysterious story. And when they incorporate images, recordings, and overlays, you’d better pay attention, because there most certainly will be a test. Device 6 is unlike any other game, and we had a blast with it this month.

Our runner-up for Game of the Month is Type:Rider. This game does the unlikely deed of teaching you this history of typography as you play a pair of dots who have to run and jump through levels based on parchment, fonts, printing presses, and other literary things. It’s a wild idea, but it’s one that BulkyPix nailed.

Congratulation to Simogo and BulkyPix for making our two favorite titles in another month of great games. Also be sure to check out the other big games of October, by clicking here, here, here, here, and here.

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