iPhone Game of the Month, October 2010: Game Dev Story

October gave us one of the toughest choices yet for Game of the Month, since we awarded so many games with Must Have status. We’ll list them all in this article, but only one game consumed the lives of everyone who played it: Game Dev Story.

Game Dev Story puts gamers in their dream job of overseeing a video game company that will develop and market games over the course of decades. From the 8-bit cartridge era to CD and DVD-games, Game Dev Story shows technological evolution the way Spore demonstrated biological evolution.

Game Dev Story is simply one of the most addictive sim games available, since the demands of the market require you to never stop growing, training, and challenging your workforce. With its humor, unique gameplay, and reverence for everyone in the gaming business, Game Dev Story is our favorite game this month.

Our runner-up is Modern Combat 2, a Call of Duty-like first-person shooter that offers an unprecedented level of graphical polish. The real reason to download Modern Combat 2 is not the single-player campaign, which is excellent, but rather the 10-player online deathmatches. Like in Call of Duty, your character can level up with online experience, making MC2 feel like two amazing games in one.

We can’t state enough how much we enjoyed these other top games in October: Cut The Rope, Galaxy on Fire 2, ChuChu Rocket, Gun Bros, Linkoidz, Samurai 2: Vengeance, and Star Battalion. We should also give a special mention to Trainyard, which we reviewed in October even though it came out originally in June (that’s called being late to the party.) All of these games are the very best you can buy on your iPhone or iPod Touch this month, so give each of them a try.

Congratulations to Kairosoft and Gameloft for making our favorite two iPhone games for October!

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