Game Of The Month, May 2009: Peggle!

iPhone gaming only seems to get stronger and stronger with each passing month, and May 2009 offered one of the best selections of Must Haves yet. There was the phenomenal Zenonia, with features and depth to rival many console RPGS. We also loved the action-packed Terminator Salvation, as well as Toki Tori’s elegant puzzles.

Nevertheless, our choice for May’s Game Of The Month is clear: Peggle.

Meet the Peggle Masters.

Although most games on the App Store strive to be as accessible as possible, Peggle is a game with truly universal appeal. If you have a pair of opposable thumbs, it is very likely that you will fall under its spell.

The concept is easily digestible–bounce a small metal ball through a level filled with pegs. But as the game gently shepherds you through the Peggle Institute’s trials, many hidden facets are revealed, one by one.

The legendary Peggle Masters each endow a special power, resulting in balls that split into multiples or melt straight through the board. And there then there are bonus pegs to sharp-shoot, long bounce bonuses to garner, and many other scoring combos to explore.

Only the most skilled (and obsessed) will make it all the way through Peggle’s forest of expert challenges. The unique thing about the game is that anyone and everyone can get there, because it motivates instead of discouraging. The urge to try that challenge just once more is very powerful, especially when the iPhone is right there in your pocket. Just try not to run out of batteries too often…

Hats off to Peggle, STP’s Game Of The Month for May 2009!

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