Game of the Month, March 2013: Ridiculous Fishing

March was a busy month for iOS gamers! At last week’s Game Developers Conference, we had a chance to see all kinds of new games and talk to developers about their pricing and marketing strategies. In our discussions, one game kept getting mentioned as an example of how to stand out in a sea of clones and still find success on the App Store: Ridiculous Fishing.


In our Game of the Month pick for March, Ridiculous Fishing by Vlambeer, you play as an unconventional fisherman whose lines plunge into the sea. You have to tilt to avoid snagging on a fish for as long as possible, and then on the way back up, you have to catch as many as you can. Once you reach the surface, your fish will fly out of the water, and you have to blast away at them with guns until you’re left with finely shredded tuna.

These three gameplay segments are very well balanced and highly replayable, and between fishing trips, you can stock up on special items in the shop to improve your results. For example, you can outfit your line with a drill to go right through any fish in your way, or you can upgrade your pistol to an uzi and create more flying fish guts. As a $2.99 download, Ridiculous Fishing is more expensive than other games on the App Store, but the development team’s dedication to making a polished product, even after their original idea was aped by Ninja Fishing, is worth rewarding.


Our runner-up for Game of the Month is Fetch by Big Fish Games. This heartwarming adventure game has a little bit of something for everyone. Fans of classic point-and-click adventures will enjoy the overlapping environmental puzzles, twitch gamers will like the minigames, and young kids will enjoy the busy backgrounds and high degree of interactivity. More importantly, we think everyone will love Fetch’s smooth animation, expressive characters, and inspiring storyline.

In Fetch, you play as a boy living in the future whose dog is stolen by an evil corporation. Tracking down your dog will require you to enlist the aid of other oppressed animals, like three blind mice or a giant alligator in the sewers. You’ll also have to navigate a pirate cove, and a fantasy version of Seattle’s real-life tech museum, the MOHAI. Big Fish Games outdid themselves with Fetch’s artwork and design, so it’s no wonder Fetch is actually being featured in the same museum that it depicts in the game.

Congratulations to both Vlambeer and Big Fish Games for making two of our favorite iOS games last month. For more Must Have games released in March, check out Block Fortress, King Cashing 2, and Penumbear.

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