Game of the Month, March 2011: Kami Retro

March brought us terrific iPhone games from a wide variety of genres. Games we awarded Must Have ratings include War Pinball, Tapper World Tour, DJ Rivals, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard, and Angry Birds Rio. But despite the strong competition, our favorite of them all was Kami Retro.

In the vivid, psychedelic dreamscape of Kami Retro, you control a boxy headbanded hero who needs to get from point A to point B, preferably without dying. It’s part Lemmings, part Mario, and part plain ol’ crazy.

If the eye-melting visuals aren’t enough to pull you in, the mix of puzzle and platforming elements ought to do the trick. Kami Retro starts out simple, requiring just a few jumps and turn-arounds to get your character to the exit. But before long, you’ll have to carefully position items like fans and trampolines, all while making sure multiple characters hop and spin at the right time. Kami Retro is as tough as it is addictive, and that’s why it’s our favorite game of the month.

This month’s runner-up is iStunt 2, a game that’s as much a roller coaster ride as it is a snowboarding game. Each of the 42 levels in the game are designed to send your boarder exactly where they want him to go, whether that’s around a loop, over a zero-G jump, or underneath enormous saw blades. It’s up to you to duck, jump, and tilt the device to make sure your feet always end up on the ground– otherwise you’re in for a heap of broken limbs. If you want to experience a wild ride, be sure to pick this one up.

Congratulations to Gamevil and Miniclip for making our two favorite games this month!

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