Game of the Month, March 2010: Zenonia 2

March saw the release of several great games. Ragdoll Blaster 2 cannonballed us with its cool steampunk aesthetic, and Pool Pro Online 3 wowed us with its thoughtful design, awesome multiplayer, and classy presentation. But two titles stood above all others: Street Fighter IV and Zenonia 2. It was a close call, but Zenonia 2 takes the crown for March.

A sequel to the game that held the title of best RPG on the App Store for many months (a long time in App Store land), Zenonia 2 had a lot to live up to. By trumping its predecessor in every way that counts, it absolutely met our lofty expectations.

This action RPG gives you four heroes to choose from, each with a unique fighting style and several of their own side quests, and sends you on an epic journey that lasts for more hours than many other iPhone games combined. Throw in a Player vs. Player mode and unlockable difficulty levels, and you’ve got a winner. All that for a less-than-premium price is a knockout deal.

Runner up Street Fighter IV not only raises the bar for best controls in an iPhone fighting game, it dragon punches it into the air. Add to that the classic, intense fighting action we grew on and a host of dojo sessions, and you’ve got a game we can’t stop coming back to.

Congratulations to our winners this month! These are games players of all stripes can enjoy, so do yourself a favor and pick these up if you haven’t already.

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