Game of the Month, June 2009: Real Racing

Building off the growing momentum, June was another stellar month for iPhone gaming. In June 2009 we flicked knights to their grisly doom in Knights Onrush, ran-and-jumped through whimsical worlds in Castle of Magic, and blew up enemy fighter jets online in F.A.S.T.

However, we think June 2009 will mostly be remembered for one major game: Real Racing.

This racing game comes in first for us.

Simply put, Firemint’s Real Racing is the best-looking racer on the system by a mile. The jaw-dropping graphics make this a game you’ll want to show off to people as an example of what your iDevice can do. Just one look at this game in motion is enough to make anyone take the device seriously for gaming.

Racing fans also know how important responsive controls can be to truly capture the feeling of tearing down the track. In addition to nailing the controls for advanced players, Real Racing is also basic enough for newcomers to grasp. An auto-braking ability lets those who are new behind the wheel practice their steering, and you can turn it off to crank up the difficulty.

Plus with Cloudcell, Firemint’s online login service, Real Racing becomes a Youtube-generating behemoth with scores of leaderboards. As we pointed out in our review of Real Racing earlier this month, other racers on the iPhone don’t even come close to Real Racing’s first-place status.

In addition, we want to recognize our runner-up for Game of the Month. It’s an in-depth, adventurous strategy game called California Gold Rush.

Thar’s gold in them hills!

In it, you play as Mandy, an expressive gold miner who must dig to the bottom of mines with dynamite and a pickaxe, uncovering veins of pure gold. As you dig further and explore, your stamina decreases, which is just one of the many elegant balancing acts this game pulls off so well. California Gold Rush is a stellar, addicting game and certainly deserves recognition alongside our overall winner.

So, congratulations to our June 2009 Game of the Month, Real Racing, and runner-up California Gold Rush!

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