ROLANDO 2: Quest for the Golden Orchid

ROLANDO 2: Quest for the Golden Orchid is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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    Game of the Month, July 2009: Rolando 2

    We’ve played a lot of great games this month, including some high-quality iPhone remakes like Monkey Island: Special Edition, Space Invaders: Infinity Gene, and Resident Evil 4. Even with this tough competition, our choice for the best iPhone game of July goes to Rolando 2 by ngmoco.

    Rolando 2 is essentially a platformer where you roll instead of run. You must guide a variety of roly-polys with different abilities, including one that rolls up walls and another that sleeps through every stage and must be pushed around by others.

    The world of Rolando 2 is colorful and imaginative, with goals on each stage that encourage you to replay for a faster time or more collectible gems. Rolando 2 also makes use of ngmoco’s Plus+ network, so you can challenge friends to beat your score on individual levels. iPhone games don’t get much more creative and beautiful than Rolando 2, and it’s an experience you won’t find on any other platform.

    Our runner-up for July’s Game of the Month is IUGO’s Star Hogs, a very deep and customizable turn-based strategy game. Here, you take turns firing back and forth between spaceships perched on small planetoids.

    You can upgrade your ships with different armor and weapons, and then take a small squad online to fight against other opponents. Star Hogs is a great blend of action and strategy, and the live online battles make this game stand out from similar titles.

    July has been a great month for iPhone gaming, and congratulations to the developers of Rolando 2 and Star Hogs for showing us what the system can really do.

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