Game of the Month, January 2012: Jazz: Trump’s Journey

Apparently there’s no such thing as a January slump on the App Store, because a number of Must Have games were released last month. The games we gave 4’s to in January were Run Roo Run, Star Marine: Infinite Ammo, Scramble With Friends, Smash Cops, Windosill, Puzzlejuice, Triple Town, Hank Hazard, and Order Up!! To Go. But there can only be one Game of the Month, and this month it’s Jazz: Trump’s Journey, a wonderful, unique platformer from Eggball Games.

Traditional side-scrolling platformers are few and far between on iOS, partly due to difficulties with touchscreen controls. Jazz: Trump’s Journey takes a minimalist approach to the controls and pretty much nails them– but that’s just the beginning of what makes the game great.

Set in New Orleans during the Jazz Age, Trump’s Journey follows the adventures of a young trumpet player who wants to start a band. You make your way through the old timey city, from the streets to the prisons to the rooftops, collecting band members as you progress. Amazingly, each time you snag a new player for your band, that player’s instrument is added to the jazzy soundtrack. That, plus terrific puzzle-solving, platform-jumping gameplay adds up to a fresh, artistic platformer that packs plenty of content and tons of replay value.

Our runner-up for Game of the Month is Star Marine: Infinite Ammo, by GlitchSoft Corporation. This side-scrolling shooter was clearly inspired by classics like Contra, but it adds a number of more recent game elements, like an in-game store that lets you buy weapons and upgrade your abilities. The levels are varied, the boss battles are epic, and the running and gunning is nonstop fun. Pick this one up if you can handle the firepower.

Congratulations to Eggball Games and GlitchSoft Corporation for bringing us two of the best titles released this month!

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