Game of the Month, February 2011: StarFront: Collision

February was another solid month of iPhone game releases, but the big-budget companies of Gameloft and EA stole the show. As much as we liked the indie gems Tiny Wings, Karoshi, and Sky Combat, they couldn’t compare to the size and scope of Gameloft’s StarCraft impersonator, StarFront: Collision.

Just like in Blizzard’s real-time strategy game, in StarFront: Collision you control one of three different races in an attempt to grab the most resources and annihilate the other teams.

Besides the fact that StarFront is a perfect pocket-sized RTS in single-player mode, it’s also got an amazing multiplayer aspect. You can play online with up to three other opponents, and this should keep strategy gamers busy for a long time.

Our runner-up this month is NBA Jam by EA Sports, a remake of the mid-90s arcade basketball game. NBA Jam is fast-paced, looks great on the iPhone, and has a roster that includes every NBA team and superstar player, plus a few mascots and other special characters. This is a great game that you have to try for yourself.

Congratulations to Gameloft and EA Mobile for making our two favorite games this month!

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