Game of the Month, August 2011: Spy Mouse

August got off to a slow start, but eventually the killer titles started flooding the App Store, and they didn’t let up. We gave 13 games Must Have status this month, including Hector Ep2 HD – Senseless Acts of Justice, Early Bird, Emissary of War, Mega Mall Story, Pirate Gunner HD, Save Yammi, Anomaly Warzone Earth HD, Flick Soccer, Temple Run, and Cut the Rope: Experiments. But one game stands above them all.

And that game is Spy Mouse, the latest masterpiece from Firemint, the people who brought you Flight Control and the Real Racing series. They’re a company that polishes their products to the point of near-perfection before letting them out into the wild. That’s exactly the case with Spy Mouse, a cartoonish, casual-friendly game about a mouse trying to steal cheese from cats.

The game comes packed with content, with over 70 levels, loads of enemies, inventive power-ups, as well as hidden rooms, hidden levels, auto-scrolling levels, and boss fights. It’s a rare thing indeed to find a game this big and well designed come out exclusively for iOS. And so it comes as a great pleasure to award Spy Mouse our Game of the Month for August, 2011.

Our runner-up this month is Contre Jour, from Mokus. In Contre Jour, your goal is to transport a bizarre eyeball creature into a portal, but there a catch: you can’t move the eyeball directly. Instead, you have to convey it by warping the ground, swinging it from tentacles, and shooting it out of air jets. The puzzles are smart, and the gameplay is intuitive enough for just about anyone to play.

But the most stand-out feature of Contre Jour is the highly immersive atmosphere. It’s a spellbinding game, with gorgeous otherworldly graphics and some of the best music we’ve heard in an iOS game to date. Pick this one up if you like a little culture with your entertainment.

Congratulations to Firemint and Mokus for creating two incredible, Must Have iPhone games this month.

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