Game of the Month, August 2010: Dodonpachi Resurrection

August wasn’t an outstanding month for iPhone games, with only a few games receiving a Must Have rating like Monorace and R-Type. Spider-Man got a 4, but it was officially released on Sept 1, so we’ll consider it next month. Meanwhile, our Game of the Month is a shooter so intense, you’ll break a sweat on the first level.

Dodonpachi Resurrection is an outstanding, high-impact top-down shooter pulled from the depths of Japanese arcade bullet hell. You have multiple ships and modes to try, but the best one is iPhone mode, where you have to balance screen-clearing offense with bullet-dodging defense. Only by using both tactics (referred to as S and M) can you achieve some of the more remarkable high scores.

Dodonpachi Resurrection has intense graphics, so it requires some intense hardware. Don’t buy this game if you have anything below an iPhone 3GS, and you might want to try downloading the similarly-taxing Espgaluda 2 lite before you buy Dodonpachi. A Dodonpachi lite version, to test your device, will be released soon.

Our runner-up for iPhone GOTM is Osmos, a gorgeous and soothing physics game where you control a tiny speck in a universe of hostiles. Tapping the screen lets you expel part of yourself, sending you floating in one direction. Between the scaling levels, time controls, and huge variety of environments, Osmos is a dream on the iPhone, just like it was on the iPad.

Congratulations to Cave Co. and Hemisphere Games for creating this month’s two best iPhone games.

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