Game Of The Month, April 2009: Glyder!

We played a lot of stellar games at Slide To Play in April, so there were many candidates for our inaugural Game Of The Month award. Leaf Trombone: World Stage taught us the joys of performing tunes in front of a global audience. Perfect Balance applied exquisite physics torture. And we enjoyed slaughtering many a Nazi in Wolfenstein 3D.

Even after such a strong month, one game stood out from all the rest: Glu’s Glyder.

At one time or another, every one of us has dreamed of soaring effortlessly through the air on gossamer wings. To create Glyder, Glu took that basic human urge and, well, flew with it.

There’s no violence in Glyder, no demanding goals and no time limits — only you, your steampunk-inspired wings, and the sky. The tilt controls are perfectly responsive, so your iPhone serves as a window into the game’s immense aerial playgrounds.

The game’s mystical islands are riddled with nooks, crannies, and secrets to discover. And there are many Xbox-style achievements to unlock for performing various feats of skill and derring-do.

Leaping off high platforms, swooping down to collect crystals, then regaining altitude on thermal vents to do it all over again? It’s a great way to leave the stress and rigors of the day behind for a short while. And at just $0.99, you won’t have to smash your piggy bank to do it.

Congrats to Glyder, STP’s Game Of The Month for April 2009!

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