Fujitsu: We Own the iPad

After the immense speculation that surrounded the possible names for Apple’s recently announced tablet device, you would have thought the moniker Apple eventually settled on would be one it definitely owned.

Apparently not. According to a quote carried by the New York Times, Japanese giant Fujitsu believes it owns the rights to the name “iPad”.

“It’s our understanding that the name is ours,” Fujitsu’s PR director Masahiro Yamane told the paper, following Apple’s glitzy iPad unveiling last week.

Fujitsu’s iPad, rather than being a tablet PC, is actually a cellphone with a touchscreen display. As The Register handily points out, other companies also have their own “iPads”, including Magtek’s credit card swiper that uses the same name.

Siemens also uses the name iPad in conjunction with its engines and motors. Most amusingly, a Canadian firm sells a breast-enhancing iPad bra– one kind of “support”, along with Flash, Apple’s iPad isn’t likely to ship with.

Indeed, given that Magtek and Fujitsu are currently debating just who owns the name, we’d be surprised if Fujitsu gets very far with any claim over Apple’s device, since the likelihood consumers would get confused between its tablet and Fujitsu’s phone are fairly slim.

[Via The Register]

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