Frozen Synapse Announced for iPad

The English developer Mode 7 has announced that their popular online game Frozen Synapse will be available on iPad ‘in the first half of next year’. The game is sort of a turn-based action-strategy game, if you can imagine such a thing. You and your opponent both tell your glowing minions where to go and how to act while the game is paused, and once you’ve both locked in your instructions, the little guys move and shoot their way around the level (which is randomly generated in multiplayer– very cool).

From the PC version of Frozen Synapse.

It should be a great fit on the iPad, and Mode 7 has confirmed that players using that version of the game will be able to play against Mac and PC users in multiplayer matches, which is definitely a bright highlight in the game’s features.

There’s no word on the pricing yet, but we can’t imagine it’d be too expensive considering how cheaply so many people bought the game just a few weeks ago during its time in the Humble Indie Bundle. We look forward to getting our hands on Frozen Synapse on iPad early next year.

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