Frisbee® Forever

Frisbee® Forever is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Frisbee Forever Review

You’d think a game named Frisbee Forever would be all about throwing Frisbees. You’d be wrong. In each level, you toss the disc just once, and it requires nothing but a gentle flick. The game is actually about steering the Frisbee. You’ll steer it though hoops and tubes, against gusts from fans and through propeller blades, all while following a path of floating stars to the goal. Frisbee Forever is a challenging, addictive game, and– best of all– it’s free.

Err, make that freemium. The game gives you a way to part with your money if you want to (up to a ridiculous $99.99 at a time), but you won’t need to drop a cent to enjoy what’s on offer here.

Wile E. Coyote must be around here somewhere.

The level set-up is a lot like Angry Birds. The game is divided into 10 different environments, comprised of 10 levels apiece. Completing each level gets you a bronze, silver, or gold medal, plus a number of stars based on your performance. To unlock new environments, you have to spend those stars. But here’s the trick: only three of the environments are easily unlockable without either spending real-life money on more stars or replaying levels to rack up stars for free.

However, grinding through levels you’ve already played to accumulate stars isn’t a such big deal because you won’t likely have gotten gold medals on most levels the first, or second, or third time through. The game is challenging enough that when you finally do land a gold on a level, it’s a satisfying feeling. On the other hand, it’s nice to know that you can spend a few bucks to buy enough stars to unlock all of the levels. Stars can also be spent on things like wallpapers and skins for your Frisbee.

Shooting some hoops.

Of course, the most important part of all of this is that the game is a lot of fun to play. The environments are pleasantly colorful and wide open, and the controls are terrific. All you need to worry about is steering your Frisbee left and right, because your speed and altitude is handled automatically if you make it through all of the hoops in the levels. Miss a hoop, and you’ll have to restart (although you’ll still be awarded a few stars for your effort). By default, the game uses buttons on either side of the screen to control the steering, but we found it slightly more intuitive when we switched to tilt controls.

So if piloting a Frisbee through eye-pleasing environments sounds like a good time to you, you have nothing to lose by downloading Frisbee Forever. Sure, you might have to play it for quite a while to unlock all of the content without spending money, but the levels are fun even after many replays. And if you want to open up new content sooner, spending a few bucks on a game you enjoy isn’t the worst thing in the world anyway, now is it?

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